Glenn M. Benest got his bachelors degree at Harvard University and his Master of Fine Arts at U.C.L.A. in playwriting. He is an award winning writer/producer with seven produced film credits. In 2004 he wrote and produced his own independent film, “Hungry Hearts,” which was picked up by Shoreline Entertainment for worldwide distribution. It has won numerous awards, including the Special Jury Prize at the Houston International Film Festival (Worldfest) for best low budget feature and Best Dark Comedy Feature at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival.

Glenn has written two high profile films for acclaimed filmmaker Wes Craven: “Deadly Blessing,” starring Sharon Stone and Ernest Borgnine and “A Stranger In Our House,” starring Linda Blair and Lee Purcell.

Mr. Benest is also the Creative Director for The Freeman Group, which writes independent films and video games for companies around the world. They have worked on projects such as Marc Ecko’s “Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure,” for Attari Europe and “Terminator 3: The Redemption,” also for Attari.

Mr. Benest teaches professional level screenwriting workshops in the Los Angeles area. Six feature films have been launched from these groups, including “Scream,” “Teaching Mrs. Tingle,” “Andre,” “Event Horizon,” “The Howling Reborn” and the latest “Niloofar,” which premiered at the American Film Institute’s International Film Festival and screened at the Berlin Film Festival and Cannes.

Many of Glenn’s students have gotten their work optioned and have been able to get managers and agents because of the work they’ve done in class. Former students also work now on high profile series such as “Jennifer Jones.” Glenn lectures around the world on screenwriting and has been a lecturer for many years at the Screenwriting Expo in Los Angeles.

Mr. Benest also is the creator of the Facebook group: “Secrets of Screenwriting Group,” which currently has over 1700 members. He sends out mini lectures weekly on every facet of screenwriting – including developing great characters, writing memorable dialogue and creating great narrative for the reader.

Glenn also works privately with screenwriters all over the world. On a one-on-one basis, he guides them through the process of writing their screenplays, from the outline phase to writing first draft to last. He has worked with screenwriters from Australia, China, the U.K., Japan as well as writers in the U.S., who don’t live in Los Angeles. Please contact him for more information on these private consultations.

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