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Have you ever gone to a live theatre performance and been so inspired by the storyline and acting it leaves you with the desire to become a screenwriter? All through your school years teachers might have told you what a creative writer you were so it could be within your grasp.

You imagine standing in the middle of a massive stage taking a bow for your third standing ovation feeling utterly fulfilled by your accomplishments. Now you can make your dream a reality with the classes on screenwriting that we offer.

At Glenn M Benest, we will help you rediscover your creative side as we work through the lessons that will teach you to produce your own masterpiece story.


Informative Screenwriting Groups

Our course teaches you how to creatively construct your story to make it emotionally work appropriately for your audience. Seeing correct expressions and knowing what you are trying to convey as a screenwriter is being understood by whoever is watching is such a satisfying accomplishment.

During our classes, we encourage you to collaborate with your fellow classmates. Have some fun and bounce your plot ideas off of them while you eagerly await someone to chime in with a “Bravo,” or a plan for your next scene throughout our creative screenwriting classes. Brainstorming becomes more free-flowing when you have the confidence that what you are about to say is being heard and appreciated by all.

Contact us today at Glenn M Benest for more information or to set up a screenwriting consultation. We proudly serve Glendale, CA and the surrounding areas.

Learn how to make your writing stand out from the rest. Contact Glenn M. Benest today for classes on screenwriting in Glendale, CA.


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